Friday, June 18, 2010

Wrapping up the IGHR Conference and Goodbye to a beautiful Campus

Presenting findings from the Legal Codes to larger group

Well, sadly all good things come to an end.  Today we had 3 final sessions and brought our Samford experience to a close. Our first task was to summarize the projects that our small groups had been working on during the week.  Group 6 was my assigned group and we had looked at the black codes and penalties from the late 1860s in Louisiana and Mississippi.  We presented our findings to the larger group.  We also listened to other reports from other groups as well, all of  us sharing the results of our research in the Law Library on campus.

Mid morning we were treated to another presentation by Dr. Deborah Abbott who illustrated that one can use land records to conduct genealogical research.  With a case study on the family of David Langford, we were shown how land records brought out the history of the Langford family.  The details into which she went were amazing, and the story of the Langfords, were thorough.  It was an enlightening lesson for all about the value of using land records from many sources.

Dr. Deborah Abbot demonstrates how to use land records to explore one's family history.

The final wrap up session consisted of presentations of the Brick Wall challenges that we received on Monday morning.  Four final solutions were presented to the class at the end and remaining brick wall solutions are being emailed to the persons submitting the brick wall problems.

Another group sharing their findings

Finally----the moment we all dreaded had come---the session was ending.  The week had consisted of new friendships being formed, and new insights into research  having been gleaned. Frazine Taylor, the coordinator of the African American track, distributed certificates to the participants, and promises were made by everyone, to stay connected with the many new friends and friendships that had been formed.

Frazine Taylor distributing certificates

While walking to lunch a final time, I took a final look at the beautiful campus and have a few images here to share.  What a beautiful place to grow and to learn!

I can only say, that this is not the only time I shall attend Samford. I now understand how and why so many people were here for the third or fourth time.  

Was it worth it----a very strong YES!!!!!!!


Ms Vicky said...

Thanks Angela for sharing your journey with us through words and those wonderful pictures.

Angela Y. Walton-Raji said...

It was my pleasure to share this experience with all. I found myself amazed at the quality of the experience. The participants themselves had so much knowledge, just being among them was wonderful in itself. The seriousness in which people take their work left such an impression upon me.