Friday, November 12, 2010

The FHExpo Gets Underway

Drusilla Pair, (ProfessorDru) checks in at registration table
at FHExpo Atlanta

Friday morning brought several hundred researchers to Gwinett County GA, to participate in the Family History Expo, in Duluth Georgia.

I was excited to see genealogists pouring into the exhibit hall before 9 am, and to see the enthusiasm from so many people!!  More delightfully, the chance to see old friends from the genealogy community has been wonderful. From the AfriGeneas family, to the friends on Facebook and Twitter, the event has been a lot of fun already.  I had a presentation at 10 am, and will have another one tomorrow afternoon. 

I had the chance to listen to Drusilla Pair's presentation, "Let Your Voice Be Head" which was so enlightening.

Professor Dru captivated her audience
with digital features found on computers, phones and other devices

Friends from the AfriGeneas Family are well represented, including founder, Dr. Valencia King Nelson. It was also a special treat to meet a member of the family whom I knew from the old AOL Genealogy Forum days, Audrey Battiest. (I knew her then, as ABattiest)  Both have been covering the AfriGeneas table in the exhibit hall.

Dr. Valencia K.Nelson, AfriGeneas founder, and Audrey Battiest 
cover the AfriGeneas table.

Next to the AfriGeneas table, is  Melvin J.  Collier, 
author of Mississippi to Africa, chats
with the many visitors to his table.  

I have especially enjoyed watching some friends who have never met each other before but who have known each other for some time.

Melvin J. Collier and ProfessorDru discuss items noticed online.

It was particular fun to watch DearMYRTLE teach one of her fans how to create a blog.  The new blog is called Great Grand Mom Selby.

A new blog is born! DearMYRTLE educates a new blogger
and assists her in creating her brand new blog.

Tomorrow promises to be a more interesting day!

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It was great meeting you today!