Sunday, June 5, 2011

One of The Faces of Genealogy

My great grandmother Sallie Walton.  Born 1863, Choctaw Nation,  Died 1961 Ft. Smith, Arkansas
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A recent article in the LAWeekly, an online edition, included an article about the Southern California Jamboree, coming up in Burbank California.   

The photo included an offensive photo of two men, with missing teeth, and a caption suggesting that the roots of the family were the result of "inbreeding."  The image was also one in which persons of limited abilities, mental, emotional, and physical, would find offensive.  Somehow in an attempt to be "funny" the general efforts of those who pursue genealogy were insulted.

Thankfully the genealogy community responded quickly and poignantly due to the efforts of Thomas Macentee and the genealogy blogging community. The true "face" of genealogy has been shown as blogger after blogger began posting images of their ancestors on their own blogs. All contained the same message---that the image they posted contained one of the true precious faces of genealogy by sharing images that reflect the Ancestors. I gladly share one of my favorite images--that of my great grandmother, Sallie Walton. 

I take my genealogy research seriously as do so many more genealogists as well.  

How proud I am to be a part of the genealogy community.


Kristin said...

I feel like I have seen her before but I think it's just the way she holds her mouth in her smile reminds me of my Grandmother Cleages mouth when she smiled.

Angela Y. Walton-Raji said...

Thanks Kristin, This is one of my favorite photos of my great grandmother. Your Grandmother Cleague must have been a sweet heart.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

She has a very kind and lovely face. Thanks for sharing.

TCasteel said...

A lovely picture.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Greta Koehl said...

A beautiful face - thank you for posting this picture.

Nancy said...

Your great-grandmother has a beautiful face and looks like she has a joyful spirit, too!