Monday, January 16, 2012

Remembering A Man Named King

He was a man who made things change
A normal man, not odd, not strange

Times were unjust, unkind, and cruel
This man spoke out with courage as fuel

The man's sword was his word, his voice, his pen
Moved millions from children, to women, to men

The man was a preacher, a husband, a dad
Yet millions responded to ideas he had.

His message of peace and love for all
Made many take courage even if they did fall.

This simple man of courage and deed
Made changes come and a nation heed

This man gave so much, his mission, his life
Through bombings and threats to his family, his wife.

He continued his journey, his battle for peace
His love of all did not falter nor cease.

And now on his day we honor, we care
His legacy grows, to make us aware

Peace, and justice and dignity rings
For all as we honor a man named King

 © Angela Y. Walton-Raji

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