Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Full Day of Genealogy: A Talk Show About Genealogy & Fun Watching Roots Tech Online

A Collage of Images Taken While Watching RootsTech Live Video Stream
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I have had a full genealogical day. I began at 8:00 as a guest on the Bernie Miller show on WNGU-AM a local radio program out of St. Louis, with a discussion of the upcoming genealogy conference sponsored by the St. Louis African American History & Genealogy Society. There were 4 guests, including the chapter president, the conference planner and another conference guest. The hour went by so quickly and it was a great experience. I was even able to share a tidbit about one of the guest's ancestors. 

Shortly after that broadcast, I was excited to get online to start to watch some live video feeds coming from the RootsTech Conference, now underway in Salt Lake City.

Roots Tech Conference Site Logo 
The conference is taking place February 2-4 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Like hundreds of people around the world, I have been at home, and spending time today watch live video stream coming from the 2nd Roots Tech conference in Salt Lake City! There are over 4000 people in attendannce and apparently this is probably one of the largest recorded genealogy events on record. And in addition--there are over a dozen sessions that will be shown online so that others will be able to watch them from around the world. I was thrilled to be a part of the audience. The image at the top of this post reflects live screen shot images taken while the sessions occurred.

In addition to watching--it was just as much fun to be a part of the social media--where genealogists were very active on Twitter sending out messages about the various session that they were watching. And what fun to watch when the cameras would switch and show audience members and to pick out faces of people whom I have met at other genealogy events.

Like many in the genealogy community, I have been soaking up wisdom from technical specialists offering a variety of suggestions of everything from how to use clouds more effectively, to better ways of storing and capturing data.

There are several sessions that offer a live video streaming feature allowing viewers around the world to watch.

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the video--nio fuzzy screens and no static. Just sharp, clean images and a stable platform has prevented any of the presentations to lose connection.  This is what one would expect from a conference presenting state of the art technology to those in attendance. Well the quality is everything that I would hope to see.  I kept saying to myself how sharp the images were!! The Powerpoint images were sharp and crisp and the faces came through as if watching High Definition television!

I enjoyed the keynote and also the session on using Clouds for backing up data! And the afternoon called for a bit of fun in the Genealogy Idol competition!!  Four presenters gave brief presentations on Technical Tips, Serendipitous moments and their favorite genealogical websites. The format was done in a live webinar, and viewers were then allowed to vote for their favorite presenters.

I spent the afternoon, catching up on other projects but spent a bit watching one of the RootsTech sessions that that I missed. Bravo to the RootsTech planners--they have made completely used technology to showcase technology and the video quality has truly made this virtual experience to be wonderful!!

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