Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Blog Carnival is Coming on the National Day of Listening

Next week is Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, is the National Day of Listening. This day, organized by StoryCorps is a day in which we can honor a loved one through listening. This is a massive oral history project in which ordinary people are honored by having their stories recorded and listened to by members of their own family or circle of friends. The suggested theme by StoryCorps this year is active duty military and their families. However, you are not limited by this theme--you may record anyone and any topic that you choose.

Well, myself and two other genea-friends (George Geder, and Toni Carrier of LowCountry Africana, have often communicated with each other and have called our small trio The Preservinators--a fun name reflecting our passion and interest in the preservation of family history. Well we, have reunited again in the spirit of urging our readers to participate in our Blog Carnival which will roll out on the 23 of November--the National Day of Listening.

Our theme:  

The topic is oral history from our elders. We urge you to write about the topic in any creative way that you can. You may choose to interview someone and post the recording as an MP3 file on your blog so that we may listen. You may wish to share an interview made with an elder years ago, or you may interview someone new today. You can also choose to write about the impact that oral history has made upon your own research journey---be creative and join the blog carnival!

Follow the instructions outlined on the Low Country Africana website, put your data on your blog between now and next Wednesday, and all of the links to the blog posts will be collected and rolled out next Friday on the National Day of Listening for all to share and enjoy!

Join the carnival, honor a loved one, tell a story and contribute to this Oral History Effort!

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Kristin said...

This sounds like a wonderful carnival. I do not have any elders close enough to talk too but I have some taped conversations. I'll see what I can find.