Friday, September 9, 2016

New Season, New Ideas, New Directions: Black Pro Gen

Black Pro Gen LIVE New Features

Well a new season is here, and new ideas that have been simmering are arising. So thrilled to share with everyone the new season and some new strategies to work with beginning genealogists and seasoned ones to find the ancestors and break through the challenges we call "brick walls."

Black Pro Gen is a community of African American Professional Genealogists who work together, sharing ideas and strategies. There are quite a few of us out there ready to assist others, and to share ideas with each other as well.

For the past year, there have been regular Black Pro Gen Hangouts - which are live discussions viewed by an audience listening to a fascinating dialogue about research strategies. If you missed them, you can find them on YouTube. Each Hangout session is devoted to a theme---some are focused on various states and resources, and other new features.

As Google is making changes, the Hangouts are now to be known at LIVE, and Black Pro Gen is joining the fun. But in addition to that some new features will be added to the Black Pro Gen events.


Do you have a genealogy brick wall? Is there something that you can't figure out from your many records? Or are you looking for a suggestion on where to go next with your research? If this description fits  you, then you may get some help if you "Ask Mariah". This is a new feature that will be part of Black Pro Gen LIVE. Throughout the year, this group of researchers, gather online to discuss projects, or to explore a common topic and to offer suggestions and strategies to each other. Simply submit your questions to, or to, and we will answer them on Black Pro Gen LIVE! Put Ask Mariah in the subject line.


How can you as a regular person have your genealogy done by professionals? Well Black Pro Gen, will have your genealogy done by professionals free of charge. If you are selected, you only have to be a guest on the BlackProGen Hangout, and find out the results of their research conducted for you. Why not let the team of professional genealogists on Black Pro Gen LIVE do the work? If your project is selected, the reveal will be made to you and your family LIVE online in one of the Black Pro Gen Hangouts. If this interests you, send an email to Nicka Smith and she will follow up with you about your research interest.

Both services are offered for free.

Here are members of the BlackProGen community and where you can find their blogs and websites:

Name:                              Website

Bernice A. Bennett           Research at the National Archives and Beyond

Linda Buggs Simms         Mississippi Rooted

Melvin Collier                  Mississippi to Africa, Roots Revealed

Vicky Daviss-Mitchell     Mariah's Zepher

Ellen Fernandez-Sacco    Babilonia Family History

George Geder                   Geder Writes

Taneya Koonce                Taneya's Genealogy Blog

James Morgan III             Afr. American Fraternal and Benevolent Society History

Shelley Murphy               Family Tree Girl

Drusilla Pair                     Find Your Folks

Angela Walton-Raji         African Roots Podcast, My Ancestor's Name, African-Native American

Nicka Smith                     Who is Nicka Smith,  Atlas Family

Teresa Vega                      Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches

Next year promises to be an exciting year and we hope that you will join all of us!

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Linda Simms said...

Excellent Angela! We are all excited about the upcoming BlackProGen season.