Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Georgia on my Mind--Day 3 IGHR 2012

Linda Woodward-Geiger on Day 3 of Institute

Beginning with the sound of Ray Charles singing Georgia on my Mind, the participants in Course 3 knew that the theme of the morning was Georgia. Linda Woodward-Geiger gave an introduction to several online resources including the Georgia State Archives, and the Virtual Vault, a vast online resource with digitized images of historic books, maps and early records from colonial Georgia.

The class was given an overview of early Georgia history, including the early maps reflecting Georgia's colonial presence that extended to the Mississippi River. The acquisition of land including Creek and Cherokee land was a frequently occurring issue for several decades.

Territorial Records including the American State papers contain much data reflecting early Georgia history as well.

More features were explored via maps of all kinds including those early maps reflecting early wagon trails, other maps reflecting colonial history and even others looking at coastal Georgia's history through Google Earth.

Early maps presented by Linda Woodward-Geiger reflecting early Georgia history.

(I had to miss Deborah Abbott's presentation on Slavery, Slaves & Slaveholders, which was presented in the late afternoon, because I had to teach a class in Course 8, the African American track.)

However, the day was also a full day, as I had the chance to participate in a lunch time Round Table on African American Genealogy that I shall describe in a separate post.

Course 3 Research in the South, has been focusing primarily on The Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. The sessions have been detailed and are rich with data to examine more closely.  Thursday brings a promise for more interesting data to learn.

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