Friday, June 15, 2012

Militias, Religious Records, Presentations and a Banquet

Early Religious Records Were Among Records Discussed in Course 3 on Thursday

The 4th day of classes unfolded for Course 3 (Research in the South). State Militias and State Land Resources were discussed and presented by J. Mark Lowe. Adjutant General Records were discussed, and an extensive bibliography was provided covering a vast array of military resources and in-depth books about the many state based militias.

J. Mark Lowe Discussing State Land Resources Resources

State Land Resources, a Bibliography Shared

Thursday afternoon was another opportunity for me to give a presentation for the participants in Course 8 (African American Genealogy). My topic was Documenting Indian Ancestors in African American Families.

Presentation on Native Ancestry for Course 8

The day ended with a great time last night at the IGHR Banquet. Dr. Larry Spruill was the guest speaker. The food was great, the speaker even greater, and the best part was the camaraderie with other researchers. One can only look forward to next year with just as much enthusiasm.

Selma Stewart,  Bernice Bennett, Angela Y. Walton-Raji
(Photo Courtesy of Bernice Bennett)

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