Friday, June 7, 2013

Checking in at the California Genealogy Jamboree 2013

Genealogist Tim Pinnick signs in at the speaker registration table.

Well, the activities began as travelers arrived from all over the country to attend the Genealogy Jamboree. Yesterday early arrivals had a chance to attend the special DNA programs and attend an luncheon that was said to have been informative and lively. I arrived in the late afternoon due to a flight delay, but was excited to meet people at registration, many of whom I have only known through social media.

The folks at SCGS registration were friendly and inviting and even had a bag of treats for the speakers.

One young lady I have been following for several years is Elyse Doerflinger. She was there beaming and smiling and greeting everyone. Those of us who have followed her know that she had recently graduated from college, having earned her bachelor's degree. And yes, we also know that she  is recently engaged and yes, I got to see the ring, too.  She was lots of fun and joy to meet!

Elyse Doerflinger at the registration area.

It's always fun to see people from Facebook and other social media. It was also exciting to see familiar faces as well. Judy Ruzsell, The Legal Genealogist was there chatting with Cyndi Howells and others. I also ended up having dinner with Judy, whom I had met last year at Samford. What a treat to see her here. 

Judy Russell (right) chatting with Cyndi Howells (2nd from right) and others at registration.

The events for the Jamboree look exciting and I can't wait to get to the Exhibit Hall, to give my presentation and to meet everyone.  

So it all begins!!!

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Elyse said...

It was great to meet you too!