Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Juneteeth - Freedom at Last!

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Juneteenth is the largest celebration of the end of slavery in the nation. The origins of this day go back to Galveston Texas, when on June 19th, 1865, General Granger sailed into Galveston Harbor and informed the enslaved population that they were no longer to be held in bondage.

And so it began. The declaration made in the city of Galveston Texas, on June 19th, bringing word from Washington that all enslaved people were free brought immediate change in that small southern city. The celebration in Galveston Texas is the oldest celebration of its kind and has now spread throughout the nation as the celebration of freedom!

Within hours the word spread throughout the city and one can only imagine the emotions. Some were surprised, some were in doubt, some were afraid of what lay ahead, and many were simply put, jubilant. No more would their children be sold. No more would their loved ones be whipped and humiliated, and no more would they live in officially sanctioned misery. At long last prayers of decades had been answered, and they had a chance to have a real beginning to their lives and move forward in a new land, where justice and equality was no longer an empty word.

On that day America became a better land.


Celia Lewis said...

Hallelujah! What a celebration, Juneteenth.

Jamie Harris said...

Great memories of Juneteenth celebrations of my youth in Floresville, Texas back in the day.

Jamie Harris