Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Looking at Many Rivers To Cross - Blogging Through the Series

Many within the African American community have been awaiting the series "Many Rivers to Cross". A smaller group within the African American genealogy community has also been awaiting the same series, as we will be blogging our way through the series. 

Our goal is to put our own historical and genealogical spin on the story as well. We have therefore created a blogging circle in which we will share our own family saga in relation to the time periods reflected in each episode.

The series is divided into many six time periods:
Episode 1: The Black Atlantic  (1500-1800)
Episode 2: The Age of Slavery (1800 - 1860)
Episode 3: Into the Fire (1861 - 1896)
Episode 4: Making a Way Out of No Way  (1897-1940)
Episode: 5 Rise! (1940 - 1968)
Episode 6: It's Nation Time  (1968 - 2013)

We shall share pieces of our own histories in relation to the program and also give our own insights into our personal stories as we reflect upon our own family's journey through the American experience.

My fellow bloggers include:
*Melvin J. Collier, Blogger and Author of two books on his family history. His blog is: Roots Revealed.
*Vicky Daviss Mitchell, Genealogist and Blogger. Her blog is: Mariah's Zepher,
*George Geder, Activist and award winning blogger. His writings will appear on Medium.
*Terry Ligon, Genealogist and videographer Chickasaw Freedman researcher. His blog is Black And Red Journal.
*Drusilla Pair - Genealogist, University administrator and blogger. Her blog is Find Your Folks.
*Nicka Smith - Genealogist, Photographer, and Blogger. Her site is Who Is Nicka Smith?
*Angela Walton-Raji, Author, Genealogist, Blogger and Podcaster. The blog is My Ancestor's Name.

The first episode has just aired and in the following days, the relevant blog posts will be posted. Join us as we embark upon the same genealogical journey together.

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Kristin said...

This is a wonderful idea! I think I will do this too.