Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring Those Who Served

(This post is also part of The Book of Me, Prompt #11 - Military)

Today is Veteran's Day. As the nation honors the thousands of men and women who served and who gave so much, I also look to my family history and think of the many in my family who also risked life to fight for freedom, not only for themselves but also for others. 

We sometimes forget that as we live our lives there are others who are risking their lives so that we may do the many things that we do without thinking. It is correct that we remember those who make what we do possible. And I am pleased to see how many in my own family have also been a part of the effort to see that the many rights we enjoy today are in place for all of us. 

I am especially humbled when I think of the ancestors who served in the World Wars, who sometimes returned to a country were they still were not granted all of the rights and privileges of being full citizens. Yet, these men who faced prejudice and limited opportunities still served the nation that at times did not always return full privileges to them. But--they knew that this was their country too, and so they enlisted, they served honorably and passed that sense of country to the next generation. Therefore, I thank all of them for their bravery to serve.

My brother Samuel served in Vietnam from 1970 -1972

My father Sam L. Walton served in World War II, in France and North Africa.

My grandfather Sam Walton served in France with the 809th Pioneer Infantry. He is buried at Oak Cemetery in Ft. Smith Arkansas. My uncle John Louis Bass served in the 309th Quartermaster Labor Batallion, and died in France. He is buried at St. Mihiel American Cemetery in France.

I have written about my Civil War ancestors from Tennessee. But I have several additional men who also became freedom fighters in the Civil War. They have all left an amazingly rich history and legacy. I honor all of them on this day.

My Bass and Oddaway ancestors served in the 111th US Colored Infantry. Berry Kirk served in the 61st US Colored Infantry, John Tuckington served in the 83rd US Colored, and Joseph Young served in the 59th US Colored Infantry.

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Since there is not much spoken about my grandmother's brother Louis Bass, and he gave his life during World War I, I share this video about his final resting place in France. Pvt Louis Bass you have not been forgotten and your service is appreciated.

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Terrence A.T. Garnett said...

Nice tribute to your family members who served our country.