Friday, November 1, 2013

The Book of Me Prompt #8 The Items for My Time Capsule

Items for My Time Capsule: Laptop, E-reader, Cell phone, Camera, flash drives.

I was admittedly a bit stumped by the idea of a time capsule. There was nothing that I really wanted to put in an object to "save for future generations" that would really reflect who I am now or how my life is. 

But then I gave it some thought and decided to describe the items that I would put in a capsule, if I didn't need them now. In other words---my time capsule is an imaginary one, but these are the items that I cannot live without. At the same time---I know that 50 years from now no one will really use items any of these items that look like them. Within probably 3-5 years---they will all be obsolete and look quite different. They will follow the path of vinyl records, 8 track tapes, and Polaroid cameras. We will still have some version of them around, but they won't look like the ones above. My guess is that they will all be lighter in weight, sleeker in design.

So my imaginary time capsule would contain these items.

1) Laptop computer.  The large black item, upon which the smaller items rest, is my laptop. I don't go out of town without it, and if I am home, it is on, even if I am busy with a non-computer related task. If something occurs to be to scribble down--or if I want a quick look up---it is handy, and turned on and at my disposal.

2) Cell phone. I currently use a Blackberry. (I imagine that in the future when they read the name Blackberry they will think I am using some kind of fruit.). Obviously I never leave it behind and beyond phoning friends and family, I also use it for email, and the camera feature is handy for quick uploads to Facebook and Twitter.

3) Kindle FireHD The pink object on the right, is my Kindle Fire HD tablet. I also have a regular Kindle E-reader, but I use the HD for so many more things than reading. I use it for a quick check of what's happening on Facebook. In addition I love the video feature. (I have watched all seasons of Downton Abbey on it as well as all season of Doc Martin!) Occasionally I check email and have played only two games on it, but I keep it handy. When traveling, I do find it quite handier than my laptop when I want to go online while on a long flight. (Assuming they have wi-fi.)

4) My Digital Camera Like my phone, I never leave home without it. I find having it handy assists me sometimes with some rare photo ops, and even some video opportunities as well. This one is a Canon and when collapsed, it fits easily into my purse.

5) Flash Drives I keep all of my power point presentations on flash drives and make sure that when I am traveling, they are close to me, usually also in my purse. These drives have so much storage, that I am putting more and more documents online as well as I am finding that at some archival repositories, that documents can be downloaded right to a flash drive as well. As small as these are, I remember when I thought that floppy disks were small.

6) Eye glasses Since my eye glasses got in the picture I decided to keep them there and not crop them out---because without them I could not see many of the documents and images that I store on lapstops and flash drives.

So that's it----these are the items that I can't live without and if I had a time capsule and was not in need of these every day---this are the essential items that would go in it.

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Kristin said...

Interesting take on the prompt. I haven't done my #8 yet either.