Friday, February 11, 2011

NBC Program WDYTYA Corners Attention of Genealogists Nationwide

Joining AfriGeneas Chat While Watching NBC's program WDYTYA

Well after waiting many months, the 2nd season of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are began last week. Like many genealogists, I was looking forward to the program, and also to joining other close genealogy buddies as we watched it together and chatted about it online, as the show aired.

Vanessa Williams, known singer, and actor was featured and several of us were delighted to see some changes from the last show.  We were thrilled to see that the recaps after each commercial break were now gone, and the featured guest was somewhat involved in their own research.  Vanessa Williams' ancestors David Carll, was known to several researchers already, and one of the chatters in fact shared additional information about the ancestor, on her own blog. 

More than 20 people gathered in the AfriGeneas Chat Center, to share their thoughts about the program and to discuss the methods used.  Good ideas and suggestions for newcomers were also shared in the chat. Most of the chatter occurred during the commercial breaks, as many were anxious to watch as the show unfolded.

AfriGeneas Chat Center Filled as Member Around the Country Joined in While Watching

The group viewing began last season and has continued into this 2nd season, as well. In addition to the group watch on AfriGeneas several members also tuned into Blog Talk Radio after the show aired, to join other genealogists with a radio program hosted by Thomas Macentee.  The two hour show was a success with well over 45 people listening in and calling in to chat about the show as well.

The fact is that genealogists are connecting in number of ways, using social media and online features while watching the genealogy program air.  Many were sending out messages to the larger genealogy community on Facebook and Twitter as well, and it is clear that a combination of methods have become commonplace among many who share our passion for genealogy.

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