Tuesday, June 12, 2012

IGHR Day 2 Research in the South

J. Mark Lowe discussed holdings from the Carolina 

The second day of Course 3 got off to a good start with an overview the wealth of data from early records from Virginia. This was followed by a two part presentation of land records and resources from Maryland, and the day ended with a thorough introduction to several resources of southern records from Federal resources.

While Mark Lowe set the day off with a overview of Virginia, an introduction to Maryland and the many resources was presented by Michael Hait. Early land records as well as an overview to the Maryland online resources was presented.

Michael Hait presented Maryland Resources

Linda Geiger gave a good introduction to the resources for southern research on the Federal level. From the WPA, to the TVA, to the records of the Eastern Cherokee, scholars of southern history have many resources on the Federal Level to use.

Tennessee Valley Authority Records Presented

Linda Geiger Discussed Federal Records

The records presented on this second day of  Course 3, Research in the South were very detailed and the many online databases and archival collections were impressive. Course 3 provides an amazing overview into the holdings of a large part of the country, and there are many strategies that must be employed to research especially in those counties where some records were missing. The session continues to provide a clear insight into how to approach each region. Though many communities were close to each other and similar in culture and structure, they were still unique government entities whose policies and laws were as unique as their own geographic features.

Looking forward to a third day!

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