Friday, September 20, 2013

The Book of Me Prompt #3 Describing Myself

Photo of a much younger me. (And thinner, too.)

Describing myself----not fun to do---who likes to think of their physical attributes?

But here are a few extra details:

Height:  5'0"
Weight: I'm not telling.
Complexion: Brown
Hair: Wavy-Curly
Unique features: A dimpled chin.

Observations---Being short has always been my identifier. But I have to admit---I never minded being the shortest one in school or work. It places you in the front of group photos, but more importantly---in school, I was always at the front of the line, whether for lunch or some other special treat! And in my more thinner days, being short enhanced my petite status.

Favorite Features---
Smile I am told I have a nice smile, and I never needed braces and have never had tooth problems.
A Dimpled Chin: In addition, having a dimpled chin always made me stand out when I was a child. I tend to forget that I have a dimple in my chin these days until someone actually points it out to me. It was a big deal whenever I took school pictures.
Hands: I have to admit that I like my hands---I used the play the piano--for 10 years in fact and always enjoyed looking at them as they moved along the keyboard.  I like writing--the old fashioned way with a fountain pen. And I love to use my hands to cook, to quilt, and to decorate.

All that being said---my hope however, is that my physical features are secondary.

My preferred features are my personality and personal traits, which I hope make others feel comfortable, feel good, and feel loved. My personal mantra at all times--do no harm to others.

* * * * *


Kristin said...

Very nice! and I like the way you brought it around to your nonphysical features being the most important.

Kat Mortensen said...

I like your mantra.

You have nice hands.

I used to play the piano too, and I have always quite liked my hands which are quite long-fingered, and slender.

LindaRe said...

I like your description of you and that you shared what you like about you.